Lt. George D Montgomery

"These are not soldiers, these are iron men", were the words General "Blackjack" Pershing used when describing the all volunteer division from Pennsylvania known as the 28th Division, or the Keystone Division.  After that famous comment, they were henceforth know as the Iron Man Division.  It is after one of those iron men that out post is named.  Lt. George D. Montgomery grew up in Dubois, and played football and basketball for the DuBois High School.  In France on August 27, 1918, he was killed in action.  He was part of a group of 230 Iron Men defending the recently captured town of Fisemette.  During a massive German counter offensive, over a thousand German storm troopers attacked from both flanks, while simultaneously a German flame thrower division came through the center of the town  The bridge crossing the Versle River to their rear was cut off by German machine gunners making it a killing zone.  When it was all over, 200 of the force of 230 men were killed, wounded or captured.  Losing his life in this battle, Lt Montgomery became the first officer from our area killed in WW1, and the DuBois American Legion honored him by naming the post after him.

"For God and country"

Located at 315 Liberty Avenue in DuBois, PA, the iconic log cabin facade of the building is instantly recognizable.Our post offers a bar and lounge for members and guests, dining hours and a meeting room.  Our Legion family includes have an active Squadron of the Sons of the American Legion, Ladies Auxiliary and a Legions Riders group.  We cordially invite all Legion members and their guests to stop in and visit, we love the company.  Check back often for upcoming specials and events.

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George D. Montgomery

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It is an honor and privilege to be Commander of Post 17 here in DuBois, PA.  We have approximately 578 members.  Post 17 is the home to three past Department Commanders.  We have four past District Commanders, and John Fritz who our current District 23 Commander.  Denny Haas , a Post 17 member is a national executive  committeeman.  John Hibner, member of Post 17, is the state chairman of the American Legion shooters sport in which Post 17 shooters have won two state Championships.  We have a great Sons of the American Legion squadron, Legion Riders group and Auxiliary that are all very active, and are continually working for veterans, our community and are donating to needy causes.  We have a wonderful bar and lounge, and a great room for dinners and meetings, plus our large modern kitchen.  There’s always something going on at Post 17, so please come and visit us.  We welcome all veterans and folks who have had family service in the military to come join the Legion family at Post 17.